Welcome to ART!

    Why Study ART

    · Brain research confirms that Arts education will strengthens your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement, school success, and preparation for the work world.

    · Art classes will provide a chance for you to develop cognitive and creative skills, and to develop your imagination.

    · For some students Art is their motivation for coming to school and an area where they have success or excel, providing an important balance in their total educational experience.

    · The arts will teach you to be more tolerant and open through multicultural and historical perspectives and through your involvement in the creative process itself.

    · Due to the collaborative nature of art, you will  develop crucial skills in cooperative decision-making, leadership, clear communication, and complex problem solving while working with others.

     · Regular participation in the arts develops self-confidence, self-discipline, persistence, and the knowledge of how to make multiple revisions to create high quality work.

    · The skills and experience that you develop by learning to perform, create, and respond to works of art provides a foundation for the kinds of literacy you must have to communicate and work successfully in our ever-changing media, technology, and information age.

    · Art Education supports not only the your  intellectual and educational development but also your personal and social development.

    · Arts education helps develop a positive work ethic, flexibility, and pride in a job well done


    Why study ART? Because it’s FUN!!!