• Welcome!

    I'm Mr. Grizzle and am currently the instructor for English 10, Honors English 10, English 11, and the dual credit 11th/ English 101 and 102 courses.  This will be my 16th year teaching high school, 18th year teaching a college English course, and my 10th year at Rainier High School.  I went to high school at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, and I earned my English degrees at the University of North Texas (BA English, MA Creative Writing) and my teaching certificate from Pima College. 
    Classroom Expectations
    • I expect students to be respectful of others and themselves.
    • I expect students to try.  Use our class time to ask questions and finish work.
    • I expect students to maintain academic integrity--no copying, cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating, or using artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, any other AI sources, or digital paraphrasers).  With the rise of digital ways to obtain information (and misinformation), students must be proactive and do their own work.  This will be covered more thoroughly in the syllabus.

    Also, I expect that students will have a 1 subject notebook just for English notes and work.  This will be used for daily bell work and notes.  Students will also need to have a reading book, a novel of their choice that they've never read before.  This is crucial for our Accountable Independent Reading (AIR) journals.

    I will be using Google Classroom to post daily agendas and assignments.

    Please email me at grizzlee@rainier.wednet.edu if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks!  I am looking forward to another fantastic and productive year!
      The image is a meme of a cartoon hand pushing a button that says "cringe."  The heading says "when your English teacher uses memes."
    My schedule for the 2023-2024 school year:
    1st Period: 11th and CWU 101 and 102 English  
    2nd Period: Honors 10th English  
    3rd Period: Planning
    4th Period: 11th English
    5th Period: 10th English
    6th Period: 10th English