Here are my general classroom expectations for all students:


    Classroom Expectations:

    • Respect.  This is most important.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Don’t talk over others.  Listen.  Be patient.
    • You MUST try. To learn anything, you have to try.  Learning is a process and this course is designed to let students practice daily.  Being in a remote place to learn will be difficult due to different circumstances each of you will face.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Try again and learn from mistakes.
    • Always login to Google Classroom with your school email.
    • Daily writing prompts will count as attendance. These may be creative free writes, a reflection on previous lessons, personal questions, quotes, etc., but they are designed to get you ready to write and think. These are informal and are graded mostly on effort and insight.
    • Contact me for help. Don’t be afraid to ask me for clarification or to explain something another way.  Without being face to face to see my facial expressions, hear my tone, or how I help to define and explain in other ways, this really will be a challenge.  You may ask a question on an assignment thread in Google Classroom, email me at grizzlee@rainier.wednet.edu, or set up a time to chat during office hours (from 12:30pm to 3pm).

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