• Date:     May 21, 2015


    To:          Superintendent Garchow


    From:    Jan Doe

                 Xylophone Club Advisor


    Re:         Request for exemption to ASB Club Account Carry-Over Limit




    The Xylophone Club estimates that our ASB Club Account balance will be $ 1,297.13 at the end of the fiscal year (August 31, 2015).  This year we raised a total of $ 2,157.31 and according to Procedure 3510P, we would only be allowed to carry over $ 539.33. 


    This amount will not meet the future needs of our club and therefore  we would like to request an exception to the Individual ASB Club Account carry over limit in accordance with Procedure 3510P. 


    Below is our plan for the carry over funds:


    25% Allowable Carry Over:                                                           $     539.33

    2015-2016 Annual Start Up Costs:                                                $     350.00

    Savings for National Xylophone Conference:                                $     407.80           


    Total Request Carry Over Amount:                                                 $ 1,297.13