• Procedure 3510P


    Updated: April 2015



    The ASBs in the schools of the district shall operate within the following guidelines:


    A. ASBs are mandatory in grades 7 through 12 whenever students engage in money raising ac-
    tivities with the approval and under the supervision of the district. ASBs are not mandatory at

    the elementary level (K-6). However, any money raised with the approval and under the su-
    pervision of the district must be administered in the same way as ASB money. The school

    principal is designated to act as the ASB for K-6 school buildings.

    B. The school board has authority over ASBs. ASBs are subject to the same laws as the district,

    including accounting procedures, budgets and warrants.

    Financial Operations

    A. The district must have an ASB program fund budget approved by the school board.

    B. All ASB money is accounted for, spent, invested and budgeted the same way as other public


    C. Disbursements may be made either by warrant, imprest bank accounts, procurement card or

    petty cash funds.

    D. ASB purchases must comply with state bid procedure as outlined in the district bid require-
    ments policy and procedure. Purchases of the same goods or services for more than one

    school must be considered together when establishing the purchase amount and applicability

    of bid requirements.

    E. All property acquired with ASB moneys becomes property of the school district.

    F. Associated student body groups may raise private nonassociated student body fund moneys

    through fund raising and donations for scholarships, student exchanges and charitable pur-
    poses. Such fund raising and donation solicitation must meet the requirements for other ASB

    fundraising and those requirements specific to nonassociated student body funds, including

    clear notice to all donors of the purpose of the fund raising. Students wishing to use district

    facilities to raise private non-associated student body funds must comply with district policy

    and procedures regarding community use of school facilities. For handling the accounting for

    complex fundraising programs for private nonassociated student body fund money, the dis-
    trict shall recoup its costs.

    G. Purposes that directly further or support the school district's program — both co-curricular

    and extracurricular — are suitable use for ASB funds, if the activities are optional for stu-

    H. ASB funds may not be used for gifts to individuals for private benefit. Funds may be used to

    recognize individuals with an award of nominal value. Private non associated student body

    funds may be raised for scholarships, student exchanges and charitable purposes, pursuant to

    district policy and procedure.

    I. Nominal value is determined to be $25.00.

    J. ASB funds may be used as incentive awards as long as the nominal value is not exceeded.

    Individual ASB Club Accounts

    A. Individual club accounts, operating under the auspices of the ASB, may carry funds over

    from one year to the next, providing that the total amount carried over does not exceed 25%

    of the total revenue raised by that club during the previous school year.

    B. At the end of each school year any funds in excess of the above listed carryover amounts will

    be transferred into the general ASB fund.

    C. An exception to the carry over limit may be approved by the Superintendent, or designee, for

    the purpose of saving up for a large, planned expenditure. If an individual club wishes to

    seek an exception to the carry over limit, they shall submit a written plan to the Superinten-
    dent, no later than June 1st, which outlines the amount requested to be carried over, the nature

    of the large, planned expenditure, and the timeline within which the expenditure shall be