Advanced Placement

    Literature & Composition 


    AP English Literature Syllabus

    Course Overview

               Advanced Placement Literature will be a class that focuses students on their abilities to not only read and understand any piece of literature that may be presented to them, but also to recognize that work’s artistic and thematic significance beyond mere plot. Students will become versed in recognizing and understanding symbolism, metaphor, figurative language, poem structure, characterization, and various other literary techniques and how to write accurately and with authority concerning these devices. 

    Course Goals

    1. To engage with and respond to oral, visual, and a variety of nonfiction, literature, and non-print texts.
    2. To recognize and identify rhetorical devices and organizational patterns in texts.
    3. To distinguish the elements of discourse and practice writing for a variety of purposes.
    4. To study various models of writing and practice composing in a wide range of discursive modes.
    5. To examine the functionality of language and apply appropriate analytical terminology to the task of textual deconstruction.
    6. To connect ideas to personal experience and prior knowledge.
    7. To develop an understanding of ethics by responding to a wide variety of written and oral communication.
    8. To understand and purposefully use content, organization, sentence structure, diction, and conventions.
    9. To promote honesty and sincerity in peer revision.
    10. To engage in a university-level research process, including evaluation, synthesis, and MLA citation of primary and secondary sources.
    11. To recognize the importance of audience in the construction of discourse.
    12. To anticipate the Advanced Placement Language and Composition Exam.