Hi!  My name is Laura Summers and I am so excited to be teaching in Rainier! 
    A little bit about me: I have 6 amazing kids and a bushel of grand kids. I live in a big old cabin by a lake with my dog,  cat, a sweet Ball Python, and a Bearded Dragon. I will post some pictures one of these days.
    Besides hanging out with my family and critters, I LOVE to go hiking and head to the beach! Being up at Mount Rainier is an incredible experience that never gets old, no matter how many times I visit. I also love to teach math and science! 
    I have been teaching for 15 years, mostly 6-8th grade. I have a BA in Education from Central Washington University, with a minor in teaching English Language Learners and a Masters degree in Mathematics Education from The Evergreen State University. Recently, I moved from math to science in Rainier. I taught science for 6 years in Yelm, so the change has been easy and fun! 
    Please email me anytime; I ALWAYS answer, even in the summer time.  
    I post some awesome links that will support students AND parents, so please check out my other pages!