• Carolina Science - 5th grade

    Students, this year we will continue with the science curriculum from last year, Carolina Science, and move on into your 5th grade year! 

    Carolina has been working very hard all summer to come out with remote lesson we will get to work through together. They have made sure to continue with many  hands on investigations that have been adapted for practice at home, with everyday materials!

    Please, click on the links to watch three short videos about navigating the online platform we will be using, how to find assignments, how to do them, and then how to turn them in. I encourage you to watch them with a parent or guardian that will be available to help with your education this year. 

    Student Support Videos

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  • Science Research Resources

    Below are some popular website based on science and math. I have used these all in my class in previous years, and highly recommend them for students wanting to further their knowledge on a subject that interest them! We will not use this in class this year as our school has bought us an amazing new science curriculum, so please feel free to explore!

    DK Find Out
    **Click Here**
     For online Science books to spark interest and explore topics with your student!

    DK is a popular science/ social studies printed resource book and its free. They now have an online exploration as well. This is great way to introduce a variety of science topics to find what your student is interested in and a great starting place for research. 


    Study Jams
    **Click here**
     To watch Science related videos, learn new words, and test your science knowledge.

    This site is free and aligned with the NGSS science standards to help your student further their knowledge. This site is ideal for 3rd-5th grade students but some videos can be used for the younger grades as well. Email me if you would like to know what topics are best for your student. 


    Mystery Science
    **Click here**
     For at home science lesson you can do with your student.

    I love this website and use it all the time with my own children. This site is designed to align with the state NGSS standards and is great for all age groups and topics are sorted by grade level. They have short videos with hands-on activities for EVERY lesson. Most of the supplies needed are things you can find around your house. It is free but you wil need to create an account to access the entire package. 


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