• Module 1 Unit 1 we have been learning how to break down complicated text.  For this Unit we have focused on non-fiction The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) text.  Ask your student the steps to Close Reading and what annotation means.  
    Module 1 Unit 2 we will begin our first novel, Esperanza Rising, and be looking for how the UDHR is upheld or challenged in the experiences of the characters in the book. 
    Chapters will be need to be read at home to be prepared for in class work the following day with the text.  Students may also follow along while listening to the audio book.  Be aware, the audio book does NOT stop for Chapters, so your student will need to follow closely. 
          Chapter 1 page 1 (Aguacalientes, Mexico) start time 0:00 
          Chapter 2 page 4 (Las Uvas) starts at: 3:33
          Chapter 3 page 23 (Las Papayas) starts at: 23:40 
          Chapter 4 page 39 (Los Higos) starts at: 42:40 
          Chapter 5 page 58 (Las Guayabas) starts at 1:04:05
          Chapter 6 page 81 (Los Melones) starts at 08:37
          Chapter 7 page 100 ( Las Cebollas) starts at 29:39
          Chapter 8 page 121 (Las Almendas) starts at 52.12
          Chapter 9 page 139 (Las Ciruelas) starts at 1:11:40
          Chapter 10 page 158 (Las Papas) starts at 12:27
          Chapter 11 page 179 (Los Agucates) starts at 34:37
          Chapter 12 page 199 (Los Esparragos) starts at 56:08
          Chapter 13 page 214 (Los Duraznos) starts at 71:28