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  • Why Service Hours?

    1. Being exposed to different experiences outside of school can help students develop connections or ideas for their future plans.  
    2. Students have the opportunity to earn additional credit towards graduation. 25 hours in a year =.5 credits
    3. Service hours help our students meet college acceptance requirements.  
    4. Helps students become more visible in our community.  
    5. They foster relationships with community members, which in turn leads to better references for resumes and applications.
    6. The school board wants our students to be involved in community service and it is a requirement to earn a Rainier High School diploma.

25 hours of service (at least 5 with a non-profit) are required during senior year in order to graduate!

Service Hours are recorded on transcripts as P for completing 25 hours and F for not completing 25 hours!

Upcoming Service Opportunities