See a running list of Educational Content to share with parents and students.



    How to use Google Classroom

    How to login to Google Classroom for Students and Parents

    Download a quickstart guide for Khan Academy

    How to use Kahoot for distance learning (premium features added for free due to COVID-19) & another guide to distance learning

    How to make self grading google form quizes

    How to use Google Meet (premium features added for free due to COVID-19)

    How to Create an Activity Tracker With Google Forms & Sheets

    Socrative (free version sign up) Video Tutorial 


    Pre-made Online Content/Courses 

    Khan Academy - This allows you to assign practice exercises, videos and articles and track student progress.

    Ck-12 - Add students and assign premade lessons, activities and assessments to your class.

    Live Binders - Search for a subject and find curated collections of websites, articles, videos and more. Cannot add students. Would need to share link with students via webpage, google classroom or email. 


    Finding Instructional Videos

    Khan Academy
    The Khan Academy isn't just for math! They also have videos and courses on science, arts, humanities, economics, and even elementary and early learning.

    Similar in structure to the Khan Academy, CosmoLearning collects a whole host of video lectures ranging across a wide variety of subjects. If you need a video to cover a particular aspect of astronomy, there are over 2000 to choose from. Math? Nearly 1700. The major difference between the Khan Academy and CosmoLearning is that multiple instructors do the lecturing here as opposed to one man.

    Youtube's Education Section
    The big kahuna of online video lectures, it's likely that most of the popular content found on the soon-to-be mentioned sites can be found here as well. From MIT lectures to basics regarding continental drift, Youtube is sure to have an entertaining and informative array of options for any educator's needs.

    What makes TED such a great place to get information is that the speakers come from all walks of life and bring with them a wide variety of unique and insightful outlooks on certain realms of human understanding. Those who speak at TED are always introducing new ideas into the arenas of science, culture, politics, and academics. Such an online source acts as a gold mine of new material for educators.