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Music Uses Math and Science

  • Groove Pizza: NYU Music Experience Design

    This site comes from New York University. It allows you to create your own grooves and beats. Unlike Incredibox it is totally free. Here is the description of what you can do:


    Groove Pizza is a circular rhythm app for creative music making and learning! It's also a playful tool for creating grooves using math concepts like shapes, angles and patterns. ... Share your creations on Facebook or Twitter, download as audio or midi files.

    Start working with one of the "specials" pizza presets and add/remove "toppings" to adjust the groove, or click on the "Shapes" tab and drag various shapes onto the big circle to play and explore math-inspired grooves.



    How Instruments make Sound

    This is a demonstration on what sound is and how it is made. Information then explains how instruments make music.


    All About Pipe Organs


    Crank Organ Plays Cardboard Music

    Look this over!


    Science of Music: Physics


    The Relationship between Music and Math




    Wintergatan, Marble Machine

    Here the inventor demonstrates one phase of testing of his music marble machine.


     Marble Machine Music Box

     This is a video that displays a great engineering feat. Every second and sound is calculated.


    College Marching Bands

    Why would college marching bands be in STEM? Well, for one thing, the formations they make. The formations/routines they do are mathmatically precise. The football field is one great big grid. The movements of each point on that grid has to be calculated so that each band member knows where to go at a certain time.  This precise time and vector placement makes the  picture become animated. Each band member is like a point on a computer. The formation designer sets the coordinates for every movement.

    The other amazing fact that must happen or the whole thing fails, is that EACH BAND MEMBER MUST WORK WITH OTHER BAND MEMBERS. Each band member does these things:

    • Plays an instrument well 

    • Plays while marching

    • Memorizes their music

    • Keeps the same distance from players next to them

    • Memorizes formation

    • Keeps track of where they are on the football field (by the yardlines)

    • Practices

    • Listens to director/conductor

    I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do. (I secretly wanted to play the bass drum in a marching band.)