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Classroom Expectations

  • The success in this course depends on all of us meeting our responsibilities.  This requires a partnership including the student, the teacher, and the parents/guardians. (The AIR portion doesn't apply to CWU 101 and 102 courses as the course is rigorous enough.)


    As a student enrolled in Mr. Grizzle's English class, I agree to:

    1. Complete all reading and writing assignments by the assigned due dates.
    2. Assure that assignments represent my best effort.
    3. Participate in class discussion as both an active listener and speaker.
    4. Respect a variety of points of view.
    5. Ask for help when I need assistance on understanding assignments or successfully completing them.
    6. Be respectful to others and myself.
    7. Read an outside reading book checked out from the library for Accountable Independent Reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week (100 minutes a week). I understand that this cannot be a book I’ve read before.
    8. Abide by the Rainier academic integrity policy and avoid academic dishonesty of any kind.


    As the teacher, I agree to:

    1. Provide a curriculum that challenges students’ ability to read, write, and think critically.
    2. Provide a variety of reading and writing assignments that will help prepare students for life post-high school.
    3. Evaluate student writing with specific scoring scales and provide opportunities for individual conferencing.
    4. Conduct class discussions that require students moving to higher level thinking skills.
    5. Treat students fairly.
    6. Be available before and after class for students who need additional help working with assignments.
    7. Help students develop the ability to think critically and be prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing society.