Plan Your Future: Prepare for life after high school

  • When planning for life after high school, it’s important to consider all the available choices and stay on track with preparing and applying. Planning ahead increases options and reduces stress.

    Visit the Plan Your Future web page for a wealth of college and career planning resources. You can learn more and get started today with these resources:

    • Prepare for college or training. Consider all of Washington’s outstanding college and training options, including public and private four-year colleges, community colleges, trade schools, and tech schools. Take time to think about your plan—then make sure you take all the steps to make your plan a reality.
    • Explore career options. Education leads to more job stability and higher earnings. The type and level of education you might need varies depending on the job or career that interests you. Look into apprenticeships, where you can earn money while learning a trade.
    • Learn about financial aid. Whatever you want to do next—from nursing to welding, from English to computer science—financial aid can help you pay for college or training. More families now qualify than ever before.
    • Get support. There are people and resources available to help you get organized and apply for college or financial aid. Also check in with your counselor to make sure you’re on track for graduation.

    Washington has many options and support to help you get the education you need for the future you want. Start planning your college or career pathway today.

  • Alternatives to College

    Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere, access to online courses, professional certifications and degrees from over 275 leading universities and companies. Currently, Coursera offers 2629 free courses!