• Highlander Band
    Welcome to the Highlander Band page.  The Highlander Band is an introductory band where we cover the fundamentals of playing music.  The group is primarily 6th graders, but any middle school student that wants to pick up an instrument can join this group.
    Please make sure your child is prepared for band.  Make sure there is time to practice everyday, that they have their own method book and anything else they need for their instrument such as reeds, valve oil, drum sticks, and cleaning supplies.
    We are using Google Classroom to turn in assignments if you would like to join our classroom I can invite you.
    We use Standard of Excellence as our method book.  The RED book is for Semester 1 and the BLUE book is for Semester 2.
    Standard of Excellence Book 1  Standard of Excellence Book 2
    Concert:  Wednesday December 5, 2018 7pm in the New Gym
                   Wednesday May 29, 2019 7pm in the New Gym
                   Students should be in band room by 6:30 for group warm-up for all concerts!
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