Rainier Mountaineer Athletic Handbook


     Participation in the Rainier School District Interscholastic Athletic Program is completely voluntary.  Involvement does, however, require a commitment on your part with respect to W.I.A.A. regulations, your academic standing, citizenship, and obligations to school and teammates.  Therefore, the following regulations have been adopted as a guide for those who accept the role of student-athletes.



     As a member school of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, both teams and athletes of the Rainier School District are subject to regulations of eligibility.  Specific information regarding following W.I.A.A. regulations is available at the Secondary School office upon request.

    •  Scholastic:  Students must have passed a minimum of five (5) subjects at most recent  semester grade report.
    •  Age:  High school students shall be under twenty (20) years of age on September1 for the fall season, on December 1 for the winter season, and       March 1 for the spring.Middle school students shall not have reached their fifteenth (15) birthday prior to June 1 of the previous school year
    •  Previous Semester Rule:  Must have been in regular attendance in  semester immediately preceding the season of participation.
    •  Sports Participation: Must be a regular member of the school, an ASB card holder and team to participate. 
    •  Enrollment and Regular Attendance:  Students must be enrolled in the district and maintain regular attendance.       
    • Physical Examinations: Students must have a current physical form on file in the Secondary School office. Physicals are current for a two year period only.




    WIAA 18.23.0 A student who represents a school in an interscholastic sport must be an amateur in that sport. An amateur student-athlete is one who engages in athletics for the physical, mental, social and educational benefits, and to whom athletics is an avocation and not a source of financial reward.

    WIAA 18.23.1 In order to maintain amateur standing in those activities under WIAA jurisdiction, the student athlete may not:

    • Accept merchandise or in-kind gifts of more than $300 in fair market value during any one calendar year August 1 through July 31. Reduced  membership fees or reduced user fees from an athletic club, recreation center, golf course, etc. do not count toward this $300 limit.
    • Accept cash rewards
    • Enter competition under a false name.
    • Accept payment of expense allowances over the actual and necessary expenses for the athletic trip.
    • Sign or have ever signed a contract to play professional team in that sport.
    • By sport receive or have ever received directly or indirectly, an salary or any other form of financial assistance (including scholarships,  educational grants-in-aid, or any of his/her expenses for reporting to or visiting a professional team) from a professional sports organization.


    WIAA 18.23.2 The student-athlete may play as an amateur on any team not under the jurisdiction of a professional sports team or franchise. “Jurisdiction” means that funds from the team of franchise or coaching by any member of the sports team or franchise have been provided.


    WIAA 18.23.3 Amateur standing will not be jeopardized by instructing, supervising, or officiating in any organized youth sports program, recreation, playground or camp activities whether the student-athlete is paid or not paid for these duties.


    WIAA 18.23.4 A student who forfeits amateur status may apply to the Executive Director for reinstatement on the interscholastic program after a waiting period of one (1) year.



    • Students must be eligible under W.I.A.A. rules.
    • Students will abide by any additional rules, regulations and subsequent penalties adopted and enforced by the coach and approved by the Athletic Director.
    • Students will maintain the standard of scholastic eligibility as adopted by the Rainier School District.  (See Rainier Scholastic Eligibility).



     For a student athlete to participate on any athletic team of the Rainier School District, the following must be on file at the Secondary School Office.

    1. Student information and parental approval form including:
    2. Physical examination date and examiner’s signature.
    3. Parental permission to participate
    4. Accident insurance information.
    5. A completed emergency information form.
    6. A “Rainier Public Schools Athletic Contract” with signature of parent and athlete signifying they have read and understand the student athletic regulations.
    7. A concussion information sheet.
    8. A sudden cardiac arrest information sheet.


    • Students wishing to participate in a sport must begin participation no later than the first week of practice unless arrangements have been made with coaches and the athletic director due to extenuating circumstances. Students participating in post season play from prior season will be exempt.
    • Students are required to support their school’s activities through the purchase of an ASB card, as funds from these sales purchase equipment they use. In case of financial hardship, contact the office of the Principal.
    • Hazing or any initiations are not allowed in any of our athletic programs. Hazing is defined in RCW 28B.10.900 as any method of initiation into a student organization or living group that causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger or physical harm, or serious mental or emotional harm. Violation of this rule could lead to suspension for that sport season.


    NOTE:  Falsifying signatures on any required athletic form will be cause for loss of eligibility for that sport season.




    The student athletes are to observe the following rules at all times during the sport season in which they are participating.

     Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco, Vape and E-Cigarette Code

    As members of a high school team or WIAA sponsored activity that represents Rainier School District, students are expected to make a strong personal commitment to rules of training and conduct in order to maintain a strong, healthy body and represent their school in an exemplary fashion. To that end, the following rules apply to all students participating in interscholastic athletics/activities. These rules will apply at all times throughout a sport season, which is defined as beginning of tryouts to the last day of competition for that sport.

    Illegal Controlled Substances & Alcohol

    Legend drugs and controlled substances

    Penalties for the possession, use or sale of legend drugs (drugs obtained without a prescription, RCW 69.41.020-050) and controlled substances (RCW 69.50) shall be as follows:

    1st Violation:
    A participant in possession and/or use of a controlled substance, and/or “legend drugs” including anabolic steroids and alcoholic beverages shall be immediately ineligible for interscholastic competition in the current interscholastic sports program for the remainder of the season. This also includes attending and/or remaining at an event where consumption any of the above mentioned substances by a minor(s) occurs. Ineligibility shall continue into the next sports season in which the participant wishes to participate. In order to be eligible to participate in the next interscholastic sports season, the student athlete shall meet with the school authorities. The school principal or athletic director shall have the final authority as to the student athlete’s participation in the interscholastic sports program.

    A participant who seeks and/or receives help for a problem with use of legend drugs (RCW 69.41.010 identified substances) or controlled substances and controlled substance analogs (RCW 69.50.101 identified substances) shall be given the opportunity for assistance through a school and/or community agency. In no instance shall participation in a school and/or community approved assistance program excuse a student athlete from subsequent compliance with this regulation. However, a participant who seeks and completes a Drug/Alcohol assessment and complies with the recommendations of that assessment shall be given the opportunity to reduce their suspension to 3 weeks of competition.  Suspended athletes seeking the opportunity for their eligibility to be reinstated are expected to attend and participate in practices but may not attend contests during the suspension period.

    2nd Violation:
    A participant who again violates any provision of RCW 69.41.020 through 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.

    3rd Violation:
    A participant who violates for a third time RCW 69.41.0202 – 69.41.050 or of RCW 69.50 shall be permanently ineligible for interscholastic competition.

    Sale and/or Distribution
    Per Rainier School District Policy the sale and/or distribution of alcohol or prescription or non-prescription drugs will result in the student automatically being placed on Step #2 of the Athletic/Activity Code.

    Tobacco (Cigarettes, chew, vape, e-cigarette, etc.)

    1st Violation:
    The possession and/or use of tobacco products will result in:

    •  The student shall be suspended for a minimum of two weeks of competition.
    • The attendance of a cessation class may be mandatory prior to returning to competition.

     2nd Violation:

    • The student shall be suspended for ten weeks of competition. If there is not ten weeks left in the current season the suspension will carry over to the next competitive season in which they are participating.
    • Before an athlete can again represent Rainier School District in athletics they must provide evidence of successfully completing a nicotine treatment program.

     3rd Violation:
    A student athlete who violates for a third time shall be permanently prohibited from participating in any WIAA member school athletic program or activity.

    Due Process

     A student athlete suspended from a squad may request a hearing before the Athletic Director or designee.  If the suspension is upheld, due process procedures shall be followed according to state law and Rainier School District Policy.

    Rainier Scholastic Eligibility


    Participation in our activities program helps students develop positive work habits that carry over into their classroom work.  To encourage students to be successful in the classroom as well as the athletic arena, we monitor academic progress.  The following is an explanation of the monitoring system.

    • All athletes will be monitored for grades each week of the season.
    • Athletes must not fail more than one course and maintain passing 5 classes to compete in athletics.
    • Athletes not meeting the above standard will have one week to improve  their grades to meet the above standard.  If at the end of that week they do not meet the standard they are ineligible to participate in competition until  the next grade check.
    • Athletes who are academically ineligible for any three weeks during the season may be dropped from the team at the coach’s or athletic directors discretion
    • Grade checks will occur on Friday of each week and ineligibility willbegin the following Monday. Any athletes below standard will be ineligible for competition for one calendar week until the next grade check (Monday to Monday).

    Conduct Rules

    Students who commit unlawful acts or engage in delinquent behavior may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the team. All Rainier School District athletes are expected to adhere to all Rainier School District policies as explained in each school’s Student/Parent Handbook. In addition to these general rules, coaches may establish other team expectations specific to their program.


    •  Demonstrate Good Citizenship


    Rationale:  Student athletes are expected to demonstrate exemplary conduct on    and off campus, adhere to school and community laws, and show respect for individuals and their property.


    •  Be in attendance and attending classes for the entire day in order to practice or participate. Only exceptions are those made with either the prior approval of the Principal or Athletic Director, or the student can excuse the  absence with a doctor’s note.


                Rationale:  Students who do not attend school will not participate in athletics on   that day.



    Additional Expectations


    • Regular Hours: It is recommended that student athletes establish regular rest patterns during the sports season.  Eight to ten hours of sleep each night are necessary to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of most individuals.
    • Diet: It is recommended that students establish good dietary habits.  The use of special diets to increase the loss of weight should be done only under the direct supervision of a medical physician.  In general, eat well-balanced meals which include fruits, vegetables, meat, bread and milk.
    • Profane and Obscene Language: The use of profane and obscene language or acts of vulgarity are generally not considered socially acceptable; therefore, student athletes are discouraged from engaging in this type of behavior.
    • Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship is a quality of conduct that demonstrates courtesy, fairness and respect for others.  Student athletes representing teams of the Rainier School District are expected to exemplify the highest standards of     good sportsmanship.
    • Team Rules and Regulations: At the beginning of each sport season the coach may distribute to all participants any specific rules, regulations, or  higher expectations which affect student participation and discipline.


    Athletes traveling to and from contests represent their community and are expected to do so proudly.  The following apply to traveling teams:


    • Athletes are expected to follow all bus riding rules. Buses are to be clean and all   articles removed upon return to the district.
    • All athletes must travel to and from athletic contests with the team. Only upon written request to the coach or prior arrangements made with school administration by the parent or legal guardian will an exception be made to this regulation.
    • Athletes will remain with the team and under the supervision of the coaching staff when attending away games.
    • Athletes will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately while traveling to and from contests.
    • Athletes will not travel home with someone other than a legal guardian unless cleared with district administration with a written request prior to leaving school for the athletic contest.


    Penalty for Travel Violations:


    Failure to comply with travel regulations may result in discipline up to and including suspension from the team for the remainder of the season.




    • Equipment checked out to the student athlete, although property of the school, is the student’s responsibility. It will be kept clean and in good condition.
    • Students will be charged a fair and reasonable fee for replacement or repair of equipment lost, damaged or not checked in.  Until the financial obligation is  fulfilled, the athlete will not be allowed further participation in the Rainier sports       program.
    • Issued equipment or uniforms are to be worn when participating with the team or, with approval of the coach, the day of a contest.
    • Misuse of dressing areas, lockers, towels, soap, benches, and gymnasium or field facilities will not be tolerated and may result in discipline and financial restitution for damage.


    Dropping Out of a Sport


    Although there is no penalty for dropping out of a sport, participants are encouraged to continue any athletic activity they begin.  However, if a student decides to terminate participation in an activity prior to the completion of the season, he/she is required to inform the coach personally of this decision.



    An athletic award is a symbol of athletic accomplishment, good sportsmanship, and observance of athletic policies.  Since the award symbolizes accomplishment, its value lies in what it represents rather than its monetary worth.


    A signature of the student athlete and parent on the attached form will indicate that both parties have read and understand the general rules and expectations for student athletes.  The attached form must be on file in the office for a student to be eligible to participate in sports at Rainier.