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  • Sgt. Justin D. Norton 1984-2006 Kia Baghdad, Iraq

    The wrestling mat was donated to Rainier Wrestling by the Justin Norton Foundation and Dollamur Sports surfaces. The JNF contributed $10,000 towards the mat and Dollamur donated all artwork, set up and design fees. Total contribution was just under $15,000.

    Chris & Gary Warnock, Justin's parents, approached Coach Holterman last spring asking what the wrestling program needed as far a wish list as they had funds and were looking to honor Justin with a donation from the foundation. Coach Holterman first asked for a wrestling room/practice facility, but that was going to cost a bit more than the foundation had to donate. Holterman then suggest maybe a new mat and that they could put Justin's image on the mat. That seemed to fit more in line with their budget and it would be a great tribute to Justin. Dollamur then went to work on designing the mat layout and artwork to honor Justin and to be a part of the project they graciously donated all art work and set up fees.

    The mat was unveiled on September 12th as members of the HS wrestling team, members of the Justin Norton Foundation and members of the community gathered to see if for the first time. It did not disappoint as the pieces went together it became this amazing tribute to Justin and a very proud moment for Rainier.

    When Rainier hosts the Sgt. Justin Norton Memorial on January 12, 2019 the mat will be used for the very first time! Come out and see the mat in action.