• Citing Sources

    Rainier High School uses the MLA 8th edition citation style

    Click HERE to see a Google Presentation by Ms. Von Wendel 
    Easybib and BibMe are free automatic Work Cited generators that supports MLA formatting. Create an account so you never lose your citations!
  • Citation Machine   Bibliography machine for MLA, Chicago and APA citations. Make sure you read the directions.

    KnightCite  Another cool citation generator from Calvin College in Michigan.  Does MLA, APA and Chicago styles.

    MLA and APA Citation Maker Still another citation generator. You've just got to decide which you like best.

    WorldCat Useful in a wide variety of ways, just search for the book you're looking for and click "Cite this item" or watch the video below!

  • Plagiarizing and Cheating

    Links that will help you understand plagiarism:

    Avoiding plagiarism: Indiana University Writing Lab 
    Avoiding plagiarism: Purdue University Writing Lab 
    Paraphrasing examples from Purdue University

    Rainier High School educates its students for various aspects of writing and publishing.  Within this framework, students must be aware of the following rules while in school or on the job: 

    Fabricating is, in the phrasing first used by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, the cardinal sin. Faking quotations, faking "facts," reporting things that did not happen is not only reprehensible, it could be actionable in court. All work must be your own original work. Understand that you must credit the source if you use the ideas, words or information. Plagiarism is never acceptable.

    Plagiarizing, as defined by Webster, is "to steal and pass off as one's own the ideas or words of another." It is unethical and - in cases involving creative work - usually illegal. One of the worst sins a student may commit is to plagiarize from a creative professional - to steal his words, thoughts or story outline and print it as his own.

    Duplicating work is defined as submitting the same work to more than one instructor or publication without the prior knowledge and agreement of both.

    Cheating is using resources prohibited by the teacher on assignments or tests. Providing answers to someone during a test or allowing someone to copy your work will also be considered cheating. Do not even give a reason to believe that cheating might have taken place.


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