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  •  “Yearbook” is an elective course that gives students marketable experience in print media publishing. This course solely works toward the completion and selling of a large finished product, Rainier High School’s yearbook. Being in Yearbook allows students expansive experience in photography, computer design, personnel management, money management, advertising experience, and writing creativity that come together to form a book that captures the spirit and emotion of Rainier High.  In class, students compose, construct, and edit all elements of computerized text layout, graphic art, and digital photography. “Yearbook” is a monetary business, students must cooperatively work with others, must be industrious, and be eager to be creative. Out of class and after school, students will “shoot” digital photos, sell and design advertising. Students are responsible for the proper care and handling of our digital cameras. This class is different from any other class offered in high school, and comes with more responsibility than any other class.  


    Yearbook staff members must always conduct themselves with decorum in the building and community when representing our staff, behaving in a courteous and respectful manner.  Staff members are not to abuse the privileges that come with being a photographer and staff member.  Complaints about disruptive actions in classrooms, hallways, or at extracurricular events will result in significant grade damage and carries the possibility of removal from the course. 



    Your grade is primarily based on your layouts. Your layouts will be evaluated based on photographs (are they present? Appropriate?), development of story, deadline (either you meet it or you don’t), and captions. You will also get a production grade based on effort, quality, and professionalism. Remember that production of a yearbook is a team effort, so participation is expected and will be part of your grade. You will also be expected to help with selling advertisements and fundraising.



    You must bring the following to class each day: pen and pencil, planner or calendar, and notebook.


    Contact Information

    Don’t wait until the assignment is due to ask for help!  I am happy to help you with your work ahead of time. I am available for help before and after school. You may also arrange time for help during advisory. You may also reach me by email at dickersons@rainier.wednet.edu (school) or salmoneye2@ywave.com (home).