• Personnel - Series 5000

  • Each file is downloadable in pdf format.  Click on policy number to view/download.  

    5001 Hiring of Retired School Employees
    5005 Employment: Disclosures, Certification, Assurances and Approval
    5005P Procedures
    5010 Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
    5010P Procedures
    5011 Sexual Harassment of District Staff Prohibited
    5011P Procedures
    5050 Contracts 
    5201 Drug-Free Workplace
    5202 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin - Mandated Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
    5222 Job-Sharing Staff Members
    5240 Evaluation of Staff
    5240P Procedures
    5400 Personnel Leave
    5401 Sick Leave
    5402 Maternity Leave
    5403 Emergency and Discretionary Leaves
    5404 Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leave
    5405 Emergency Leave
    5406 Leave Sharing
    5406P Procedures
    5407 Military Leave
    5407P Procedures
    5409 Unpaid Holidays for Reason of Faith or Conscience