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    We the Associated Student Body of Rainier High School, School District #307 Rainier, Washington do ordain and establish this constitution that we may have an active and well organized student body.



    The name of this organization shall be: The Associated Student Body of Rainier High School. This Organization may be referred to as the ASB.




    The purpose of this organization is to protect the interests of the students, promote student activities, and govern the student body of Rainier High School.




    The membership of this organization shall consist of students enrolled in Rainier High School.


    Section 1

    To participate in any school activity sponsored by the ASB, students must purchase an ASB card for the current school year. These activities include all Athletics, ASB/Class/Club Officers, Club Membership, Music, Drama, and voting privileges in any ASB election, except for when voting for class officers.


    Section 2

    The ASB membership fees for grades nine through twelve will be determined at the start of each school year.


    Section 3 

    If an ASB card cannot be purchased because of financial difficulties, grants will be available to those students in need.




    The offices of the ASB shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, ASB Representative, and Sergeant at Arms.  The seven elected ASB officers shall be known as the Executive Board.  



    The duties of the ASB officers are as follows by individual section titles.


    Section 1

    The President shall preside at all Student Council meetings unless unable to attend. The President shall have power to appoint committees and is automatically an ex-officio member of all committees. The President will act as the direct liaison to the Principal, Advisor, and Staff.


    The President shall be elected from the tenth or eleventh grades to serve as President the following year. The President, if re-elected, may hold office for two years.


    Section 2

    The Vice-President shall be present at all Student Council Meetings and committees and replace the President if he/she is unable to attend. The Vice-President is also an ex-officio member of all committees and must stay informed of all the President’s actions and decisions. The Vice-President will replace the President of the ASB if the President is no longer able perform his/her duties.


    The Vice-President shall be elected from the tenth or eleventh grades to serve as Vice-President the following year. The Vice-President, if re-elected, may hold office for two years.



    The Treasurer shall collect and disburse all ASB monies necessary according to laws of the State of Washington and will make financial transactions for the student body affairs. The Treasurer counter-signs all ASB checks and makes accounts available for all other club or group treasurers. 


    There will be an Assistant Treasurer who will automatically move up to the office of Treasurer the following year. Thus, Assistant Treasurer will be elected each year.


    Section 4

    The Assistant Treasurer’s responsibilities include training for the office of Treasurer and assisting the Treasurer as needed. Each must have a cumulative 3.0 grade point average. It is recommended to take a year of accounting, but not required. 


    The Assistant Treasurer may be elected from the ninth or tenth grade to serve in the tenth or eleventh grade year.


    Section 5

    The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of each Student Council meeting. He/She must turn in one copy to the office to be placed on file. One copy must be posted on the bulletin board. At the end of the school year the Secretary must turn in a complete list of all minutes from the school year.


    The Secretary may be elected from the ninth, tenth, or eleventh grades to serve in the tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade year.


    Section 6

    The ASB Representative will attend all school board meetings and report back to the Council. If unable to attend he/she will appoint an ASB Member as a replacement or get the minutes from the district office. The ASB Representative will also represent the ASB on student-faculty committees. 


    The ASB Representative may be elected from the ninth, tenth or eleventh grades to serve in the tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade year.


    Section 7 

    The Sergeant-at-Arms will maintain order at all Student Council meetings by consistent observation of the proceedings and reporting any action or behavior of an inappropriate nature to the presiding officer. The Sergeant-at-Arms will lead the flag salute at Student Council meetings. 


    The Sergeant-at-Arms will be elected from the tenth or eleventh grades to serve during the eleventh or twelfth grade year.


    Section 8

    All Associated Student Body Officers shall hold office from June to June of the following year. They shall file for office the first week in April. The following month, the general election will be held.


    Candidates must give a speech the day of the general election. The speech must be pre-approved by the ASB Advisor at least 3 days before the election. Any number of persons may be candidates for each office in general election. The election shall take place by secret online ballot. Grades eight through eleven shall take part in the election.


    Section 9

    Eligibility: Students must have at least a combined 3.0 GPA minimum from the last two semesters or a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for any elected or appointed office within Rainier High School. If elected he/she must maintain a minimum 3.0 semester GPA to remain in office. Officers must be full time, on campus, Rainier High School Students, display good character at all times, and meet all school Attendance/Student Code of Conduct expectations.


    Section 10

    Holding office: If the requirements in Section 9 are not maintained while holding office, the Officer may be put on probation for one quarter. If the Officer does not comply with the requirements by the end of the quarter, the Officer will forfeit his/her position, and the office will be filled as stated in Section 11.


    Section 11

    Filling Vacancies: In case of disqualification or resignation of any executive office, the ASB executive officers shall declare the office vacant and shall elect a successor who shall serve out the remainder of the term. In case of disqualification or resignation of any class or club office, the class officers or club officers shall declare the office vacant and shall elect a successor from the organization who shall serve out the remainder of the term.


    Section 12

    No student may hold more than one elected office in the same organization. No student may have more than one vote on the Council. Students may not hold ASB Office and Class Office in the same year (i.e. a student may not be ASB President and Senior Class President; however, they may be ASB President and Honor Society

    President but only have one vote on the Student Council).




    There shall be a Student Council consisting of seven regularly elected student body officers, appointed officers, and the class presidents. Other members shall consist of representatives from each of the clubs. Interested students, staff, and the public are invited to observe and to make comment.


    Section 1

    The General Student Council shall meet the first Wednesday of the month or as needed, and the Executive Board will meet when needed.




    The activities sponsored by the ASB shall consist of approved school, club, organization, and athletic related activities.


    All high school extra-curricular activities, including clubs and athletics, are available for all ASB members. (See Article III, Sec. 1)


    Section 1

    Interscholastic activities will be in alignment with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and the policies governing activities as stated by the administration of the Rainier School District #307.


    Section 2

    All activities such as clubs, classes, and organizations must have their representative bring forth to the ASB Advisor the idea of fund-raisers or any activities that need the approval of the Student Council or the Executive Board.  They must be brought at least three days before a Council meeting or executive session for a vote and approval.


    Section 3

    Athletics will be governed by the policies set by the Student Athletic Code of Conduct and approved by the Board of Directors.




    This constitution may be amended by the following steps: (1) Present the proposed amendment before the ASB two weeks before it is to be voted on. (2) The amendment must be posted on the bulletin board during that time. (3) Ratification shall be by two-thirds vote of the student body. The Rainier School District Board of Directors will have final approval of the constitution and any amendments.




    The Homecoming and Prom court selection process shall be decided by the executive board. The individuals in the court must have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA.


    Section 1

    Each member of the court shall have class standing equal to that of their selected position (i.e., a Junior Prince must have Junior class standing).


    Section 2

    Students may only be elected once to the court during their high school career until their senior year. All seniors will be eligible. Students may not be elected Homecoming King/Queen and Prom King/Queen in the same year.



    Student grievances, concerns, or changes of policy by any students who are ASB members in good standing, may file a concern/complaint at anytime with the duly elected ASB Officer(s). Any grievance, concern, or complaint must be brought before the Student Council in a timely and appropriate manner. Any issues, concerns, or complaints may be placed on the council agenda within three days of a scheduled meeting. These concerns must be submitted in writing in an orderly manner for the ASB Student Council to officially recognize the complaint(s) and concern(s). The ASB Student Council, as the governing Body, has the responsibility and authority to act in the best interests of the ASB and to address legitimate issues regarding student concerns




    All ASB accounts (Activity and Athletic) must have a pre-approved operating budget. Budgets are approved in June for expenditures during the following school year by the ASB. Advisors and Coaches must stay within the allotted budget amount.


    All expenditures must be done through the Purchase Order Procedure, which must be signed by the acting officers, advisor/coach, Athletic Director (if appropriate), and the Principal.


    Checks for approved ASB expenditures must be signed by the ASB Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, Principal, and/or Central Treasurer.



    Rainier High School Associated Student Body


    General Information


    Mascot: Mountaineers.

    Colors: Orange and Black.

    Fight Song: “On Rainier”


    On Rainier, On Rainier, Victory is our aim!

    Put it over on the other

    Strike right out for fame!


    Mountaineers, Mountaineers,  Let’s uphold our name! 

    Fight Rainier fight, fight, fight And win this game.