• Silent Sustained Reading Report/Essay Details:  

    1.  One report or essay is required each quarter. (You are given 15 minutes at the beginning of each class to read and if you can't complete a book/work within the quarter you will need to do this as additional homework.) 
    2. The report/essay will be due at least one week prior to the last day of the quarter.  
    3. The reading selection you choose must be from a variety of writing including:  1 fiction work, 1 non-fiction work, 1 for pleasure work and 1 technical work.
    Here are the reflective questions that must be answered:
    1.  Introduction:  Tell something about the author.  Was the author qualified to write the book or article?
    2.  A brief outline of what the author was trying to say.  Can you explain the point or points the author was trying to make?
    3.  Criticism of author's statements:  Do you agree with the author?  Would this information be helpful to others? 
    4.  Criticism of author's style:  Is the author clear and concise?  Are the words simple and specific?  Are there any unnecessary technical expressions?  Are the sentences clear, concise and varied?
    5.  The reason the article or book was written.  Was there a need for information on this subject?  Did the author write it to present needed information or to entertain? Did you find it worthwhile to read?