• Mailing address:  PO Box 98, Rainier, WA  98576 

    Physical address:  600 Third Street West, Rainier, WA 98576

    Phone: 360.446.4020   Fax: 360.446.4022 


    Rita Meldrum,  Principal



    Debra Sutton and Debbie Ortmayer, Secretaries

    suttond@rainier.wednet.edu, ortmayerd@rainier.wednet.edu 

     Rainier Elementary School Mission and Goals    

    Rainier Elementary School is committed to excellence in teaching and learning.  We will provide a safe child centered learning environment in which diversity is celebrated, success is maximized and lifelong learning is promoted.   We will address the education needs of all students by:
    1. Providing appropriate curriculum
    2. Offering a variety of effective instructional techniques
    3. Accommodating diverse learning styles
    4. Maintaining a positive, friendly environment We share the responsibility to continue the partnership between our school and the community.