• Welcome to Mr. Frunz's class!
    I currently teach Sophomore Biology, Weight Training and 6-8th grade p.e. and health at Rainier Middle and High Schools. Below is some important information for student success this year. 
    Here are some things you will need for Biology this year:
    1.) 3 ring binder with dividers
    2.) Lined Notebook Paper
    3.)  Colored pencils
    4.) Writing utensils
    5.) Calculator 
    Here are some important tips for success in High School Biology:
    1.) Be here everyday!
    2.) If you are gone, ensure that you get your absent homework. It is your responsibility!
    3.) Complete your work on time.
    4.) Study a little bit everyday. It's much better than cramming at the last minute. Work on projects a little at a time early on and you won't have to try finishing a huge project in a weekend or overnight.
    5.) Most importantly, if you have a question make sure you ask it! If you have trouble with a homework assignment, or with a tough science subject, please find me before or after school and ask! You can also email me at: frunzj@rainier.wednet.edu
     Here are some things you will need for P.E. and Weight Training this year:
    1.) Clean non-marking shoes
    2.) P.E. shirt and shorts or athletic pants. Clothing must meet dress code standards.
    3.) A stick of deodorant. No AEROSOL, perfume or cologne of any kind is allowed at R.M.S.
    4.) A school issued p.e. lock. These are available in the m.s. office for 6.50 and can be used throughout your child's Middle and High School career and are theirs to keep.
    Non-school locks will be removed. 
    Here are some important tips for success in Middle School P.E.: 
     1.) Do your best.
    2.) Dress down everyday for P.E. You have to change out of your school clothes and into P.E. clothes or you lose all your points for the day.
    3.) Arrive to class on time. If you are late you will lose half of your daily points.
    4.) Complete your exercises, agilities and workouts as directed to earn all your points.
    5.) If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up your missed P.E. time by completing physical activity at home and bringing me a note with the following information:
    Date of Absence, date of make up activity, duration of activity and a parent signature. I can also accept emails from parents for make up points. You need to make up your absent time within 5 days. Also, if you are absent your grade goes in as a zero until you make it up.
    If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me via email at: frunzj@rainier.wednet.edu or by phone at 360-446-2206.
    I'm looking forward to a great year!
    Mr. Frunz