• Hello Everyone!


    picture of Alex Miller at the river

    I'm Alexandria Miller, and I teach the following courses:

    - Sixth grade Honors English

    - Sixth grade English

    - Eighth grade Math


    Please always feel free to reach out and let me know if you need extra help - my email is millera@rainier.wednet.edu. 


    My syllabi are available in Google Classroom - since many assignments are done in class, absent students need to come check with me about work they missed. 


    If your student is missing work, or would like to redo assignments, please have them come see me with a list of assignments they would like to redo. You can always reach me via email as well. 


    Here are the class codes for the Google Classrooms:


    First period: mqs382

    Third period: ryeukw6

    Fourth period: huoox9

    Fifth period: cysj3gx

    Sixth period: c888cu9