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    Rainier Elementary School Counseling Page

    Our School Counselor is Ms. Sammi


    What does an Elementary School Counselor do?

    A school counselor is a professional who provides guidance and counseling services for all students. These services help children develop academically, personally, emotionally, and socially.

    School Counselors help our students find success in school by…

    • Helping develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, and community.

    • Counseling with students individually and in groups to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.

    • Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success.

    • Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, and respecting others.

    • Assisting students to become invested in their school success by showing them how school performance relates to future opportunities.

    • Working collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and others to identify and remove barriers to student achievement.

    Elementary Counseling and guidance services are for all students, not just those in crisis situations. 


    • Concerns over student achievement

    • Family health problems

    • New school orientation

    • Discussing the special needs of their child

    • Early discussion of potential crises

    • Family difficulties or concerns


    • Self-referral

    • Parent referral

    • Administrative referral

    • Teacher or other staff referral

    • Referral by friend(s)

    • Counselor request


    Our counselor is Sammi Firman. She can help support our students in school and connect our families to outside agencies for any other needed support.

     Ms. Sammi Firman

          School Counselor




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