Terraforming (Colonizing) Another Planet or Moon

1. The Project Manager should open a google docs, save a copy, and then share it with their team members so everyone can edit the same form.
2. Everyone is responsible for contributing to this application, however the work can be broken up.
3. Refer to these RESOURCES as a starting point to learn about what we need on Earth to survive. 

Project Presentation


1. Choose either Google Presentation or Prezi to create a 6 minute presentation. The project manager should share the presentation so that other members can edit on the same one.

2. The presentation must include:

·         Title page with project name and team members

·         A comparison of Earth and your planet/moon that makes clear the many reasons why Earth currently can support life and your planet/moon cannot.

·         The steps your team plans to take to successfully terraform your planet/moon including a description of the technology invented by your team.

·         A timeline showing the number of missions or trips needed to accomplish this project as well as a projected completion date.